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Feeding America


       Food Banks in the San Francisco Bay area:

      Gleaning, garden assistance, and other organizations helping the hungry 

  • O.B.U.G.S - building school and neighborhood gardens in and around Oakland, CA. Teaching inner city kids about agriculture and healthy eating, while generating food for the community.
  • City Slicker Farms - Transforming vacant lots into productive farms, providing people in need with small backyard garden kits, urban farming education, and much more.
  • Spiral Gardens - Community Food Security Project
  • The Alameda Backyard Growers - Gleaning produce in the city of Alameda, CA through their Alameda Fruit Gleaning Initiative.
  • The Urban Youth Harvest of PUEBLO (People United for a Better Life in Oakland)
  • Dig Deep Farms & Produce - a project in co-operation with the Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs' Activities League, DDF&P has turned vacant lots in the areas of Ashland and Cherryland (unicorporatated Alameda County bordering Hayward, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, and Catro Valley) into productive gardens for the benefit of the community.
  • Anna, The Lemon Lady - Gleaning in Concord, CA


Other areas:

  • Faith Feeds - Gleaning in and around Lexington, KY
  • Salvation Farms - Building increased resilience in Vermont's food system through agricultural surplus management.
  • New Orleans Fruit Tree Project - Gleaning from urban fruit trees in New Orleans, LA.
  • Portland Fruit Tree Project - Gleaning fruit in Portland, Oregon.
  • GrowPortland - Expanding urban agriculture in Portland, OR
  • Depave - a project in Portland, Oregon, Depave promotes the removal of unnecessary pavement from urban areas to create community green spaces and mitigate stormwater runoff.








Free Seeds for Gardeners

Seed Savers Exchange's project "Herman's Garden" provides free packets of seeds to community and educational groups.

Seed Savers Exchange