FoodPool has ceased operations.


FoodPool has not met its objectives for encouraging and assisting in the creation of local neighborhood groups for the collection of garden produce. As a result, the board of directors made the difficult decision to suspend operations.

FoodPool, Inc., the national non-profit organization, is in the process of dissolving the corporation and will no longer be a functioning entity. All local FoodPools have ceased functioning except for FoodPool West Towson, in West Towson, Maryland.

We salute FoodPool West Towson for their continuing efforts, and thank everyone that supported FoodPool in getting quality produce to people in need.


Though FoodPool is no longer in operation, we still encourage everyone to donate produce to hungry people in need. If you wish to learn more about starting a group to donate food, the Guide to Starting a FoodPool may be useful. We are retaining The Guide to Starting a FoodPool here as a resource.